Too Much Momentum

There are always those people who plod through life, but they can still be dreamers. Their goals are just as important as anyone else’s, yet they are the type of people who refuse to change course once they make a decision. Once they have chosen a preferred path and begin along it, they have too much momentum to make any changes. These are the people who will be unable to adjust their course as their dreams change, and it is often because they will not start on a new dream until the old one has been caught.

If this type of person is in a relationship with someone who does not feel the same way, they might find their lack of ability will steer them wildly off the smooth course of their relationship. Their partner might be more than willing to make small adjustments and large changes to their dreams as they mature, but they often find they are unable to follow them. If this occurs, the whole relationship might be put into jeopardy unless their partner is also one who is patient and understanding.