If you want to enjoy poetry or become a good poet, you should first learn the basics of poetry. There are many types of poems and as long as you understand what each type represents. You do not need to master all types of poetry, but it helps to know the different types that are available.

Types of Poetry

  • Free verse: As the name suggests, this type of poetry does not have a consistent rhyme scheme or musical form. This, however, does not mean that free verse poetry is written without thought. and structure. It simply means that the poet is given more leeway to choose the direction the poem will take.
  • Rhymed Poetry: This type of poetry contains a rhyming word or vowel mostly at the end of the stanza. It is musical in how it sounds and it often shows that the poet thought through everything and made a deliberate effort to make the words rhyme.
  • Epic Poetry: Epic poems are lengthy and written in a narrative kind of way. They are long and they tend to emphasize the extraordinary achievements that have been made by characters who lived in the distant past. Most epic poems form part of literary study in schools.
  • Haiku: Haiku poetry draws its roots from Japan in the early days. The first line of a haiku is made of five syllables. The second line is made of seven syllables while the third is made of five syllables just like the first.
  • Sonnet: Sonnets are poems that have 14 lines and most of the time, they speak on the topic of love. Sonnets have internal rhymes that are embedded in the 14 lines. They were made famous by Shakespeare.
  • Odes and Elegies: These poems celebrate people. They talk about the qualities that stand out in the person they have been written for. Elegies are done for funerals or mourning period.