For most poets, one of the things they struggle with is finding the motivation to keep writing. Sometimes, the writers’ block becomes so intense that you need a break for you to rethink what you want to write about. Some of the activities you can engage in are as follows.

Go to a Retreat

If you want to refresh your mind and get some calmness so that you can think about your next poem, you should go to a retreat. You can check out some of the fascinating retreat centres in the UK and Europe so that you find an ideal place to find your writing voice.

Play a Game

Games have a way of opening up your mind and creating numerous possibilities on the kind of poetry you can write. There are many options to choose from, including board games, gaming consoles or even online casino games such as the ones found at where you can get inspiration to write. To strengthen your vocabulary, you should include word games to your list of games.

Bond with Friends

Sometimes, what you need is to spend time with your friends so that you can have fun as you think about the next poem that you will write. Bonding with friends also means that you can ask them for suggestions or even observe what they are doing and get motivation so that you can find a topic to write about.


If you want to be a good writer, you should read a lot of books and poetry so that you get inspired to write your own work. Reading can be a daily activity where you purpose to read at least one chapter or even go through online books so that you get inspiration. It would be best if you read a wide variety of books so that you can open up your mind to writing in different genres.