Living with External Limits

Couples often spend years creating and adjusting their plans for the future, but it is impossible for them to see everything that will occur. They might have reached all their goals in life early due to excellent team work, but it does not mean they will sail through life without any worries. Some of them will be lucky enough to have all their dreams come true, but others will find they are living with external limits placed on them by injury or illness. Their plans for the future might have to be curtailed or changed because one of them is no longer able to participate.

A debilitating injury or illness often details the plans couples have, and learning how to cope with it will force them to make changes. They might have planned to sail around the world once they retired early, but the need for constant medical care might make them choose a cruise ship instead of their own sailboat. They can still travel, but their means will be restricted to having good health care readily available.

For those who find travel impossible, there are still options. They might be able to spend more time together watching travel shows, or they could begin communicating with people in other countries. Online services have advanced enough to make it possible to share the world without leaving home, so they can at least salvage part of their plans. If the ill partner is in remission, they might be able to take a short trip or two.

It can be disappointing for a couple to spend their life working toward a goal that will now be out of their reach, but they can always change their plans. They might not be able to do what they want in the same way, but they can still enjoy life together.